Tuesday, June 29, 2010

LeapFrog Leapster Learning Game System

The Leapster Learning Game System teaches the way your child loves to play! With the Leapster learning advantage, kids can play action-packed games that teach essential skills for preschool through 4th grade. Multiple learning levels, tailored tutorials and a wide variety of learning games that take advantage of both the multi-directional control pad and the easy to use stylus ensure that children are learning essential skills while playing the video games that they love. With Leapster, the name of the game is learning! Build essential school skills with the learn-everywhere Leapster handheld. Children become so engaged in the interactive learning games, you'll want them to keep playing because the more they play, the more they learn.

Pre-loved in very good condition
Pink/Purple Console
Bratz World - The Jet Set Game Cartridge
Scooby-Doo! - Spooky Snack Game Cartridge

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pound -a -Peg

Do you have a toddler that needs something to BANG BANG on? Pound - a -Peg is a classic come back that has entertained toddlers for decades.

Pound -a -Peg promotes eye-hand coordination, focus of attention, and long moments of concentration. Allow that inner need of a toddler to come out with the Pound -a -Peg.
Ages 2+

Brand new

Plan Toys 32 Blocks

This colourful set of 32 wooden building blocks for creative play comes in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes.
Age 2+

Brand new

Disney Talk & Bounce Room Guard Tigger

The room guard Tigger is in action.. Hear all his phrases and see him bounce!

Pre-loved in excellent condition

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set + Upper Case Letters Expansion Pack

Your fridge door is the perfect place to develop a taste for reading. Nobody goes hungry for learning with this set of 26 colourful, easy-grip magnetic letters and magnetic letter reader that attaches securely to your fridge. Each letter talks, sings and teaches letter names, letter sounds and learning songs. Put a letter into the reader to hear its name, its sound or a fun phonics song. Your kids might not eat their vegetables, but with the Fridge Phonics Magnetic Set they can learn to spell them.

Brand new in box

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Avent Naturally ISIS Breast Pump

Only ISIS is clinically proven to be as effective as electric pumps
ISIS features a Let-down Massage Cushion for a fast, natural let-down
ISIS combines massage with a gentle vacuum, while all other pumps rely solely on suction
ISIS redefines manual pumping by needing only occasional compressions on the handle after achieving let-down

With the help of the ISIS Breast Pump you can express your milk quickly and comfortably into AVENT Feeding Bottles or VIA pre-sterilised Cups for storage in the fridge or freezer. That way, someone else can give the occasional feed, and if you go back to work, your baby can still benefit from your breast milk.

The ISIS Breast Pump has been universally acclaimed by women and health professionals for the revolutionary natural design, which makes it gentler and more effective than any other pump available.

Combining breast and bottle feeding is easy with AVENT because babies use the same suckling technique when feeding from the AVENT bottle as they do when feeding at the breast.

Pre-loved in very good condition
- 2pcs Funnel cover/Bottle stand
- 1pc Let-down massage cushion
- 1pc Pump cover
- 1pc Silicon diaphragm and stem
- 1pc Handle
- 1pc Pump body and funnel
- 1pc White valve
- 2pcs Travel cover
**Without 125ml/4oz Bottle
2pcs Brand new in pack Ultra Nursing Pad
1pc Brand new Silicon diaphragm and stem
2pcs White valves

Philips Avent Express Electric Steam Steriliser

The safe, fast, easy way to sterilise breast and bottle feeding equipment. The AVENT Express uses the hospital method to sterilise your baby feeding items in approximately 8 minutes. Just add 90ml of water and switch on. The intensive heat of the steam rapidly kills all the harmful bacteria that can cause tummy upsets in your precious newborn. And there's no on-going cost for sterilising solution, and no nasty after-taste or smell. The AVENT Express has been specially designed to hold our award winning ISIS breast pump and anti-colic bottles. Their unique teats allow you to combine breast and bottle feeding with ease, whether you use bottles for expressed breast milk or formula.
FAST - sterilises in approximately 8 minutes
LARGE - takes 6 AVENT bottles
INNER RACK - transforms into dishwasher basket for small items

Pre-loved in excellent condition

Friday, June 18, 2010

LeapFrog Learning Drum

This unique drum can teach children the alphabet and numbers through simple cause and effect tapping. As children hit the drum with their hand, a letter or number appears in lights on the drum top. When hit again, the next consecutive letter or number appears. For each hit, the letter or number is spoken and music is played, reinforcing a child for his efforts. The drum will verbally prompt a child to play. During play, the drum will remember where the child left off, so the next hit will be in order, not back at the beginning. Turn off and on again to start at the beginning, if desired.

Pre-loved in good condition
**Yellowish on back panel certain area and switch slot

Fisher Price Go Baby Go! Stride-to-Ride Lion

This characterized walker-to-ride on provides great play and developmental benefit for baby. In the walker mode baby will have a large wheel base and large handle to aid them in their first steps. When baby is ready, an easy conversion will allow mom to put the lions tail down and convert the walker to a ride-on. In the ride-on mode baby will have a large seat to sit on and ample room for their hands behind the lion's soft tuft of hair around his ears. Music and Lion sounds encourage and reward baby as they walk or ride around the house or if baby presses his nose. Baby can press the nose of the lion and is rewarded with a light and musical response.

Pre-loved in immaculate condition (as new)
**With original box and manual

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

LeapFrog Leapster Learning Game Cartridge: Dora the Explorer Wildlife Rescue

Hola! Dora and Boots are helping rescue animals and they need your help! You can choose from 5 learning games and 3 interactive storylines that teach 45 essential skills for 4 to 6 year olds.

Brand new in tatty box

Fisher Price Miracles & Milestones 3-in-1 Gym

This delightful and versatile gym will let you provide just the right stimulation as your baby grows and develops. Use the overhead gym as Baby lays beneath it on her back. With the arch up over Baby's head, you can place toys in different ways. Put some to gaze up at and others within her reach. When little hands bat, the toys will move and bounce. Has Baby moved on to tummy time? Place her on her tummy and move the toys down into slots on the fleece-covered floor arch. Position toys to encourage reaching and grasping, and place the mirror where it will reflect Baby's image. When Baby is able to sit up, you can move the upper arch down, add toys in various positions all around. Fill all eight slots to surround Baby with stimulating fun.

Pre-loved in very good condition

Fisher Price PowerTouch Baby Learning System

Now it's easier than ever to introduce little ones to the joys of learning. The PowerTouch Baby system brings books to life with the gentlest touch of tiny fingers-so it's easy to use, with smaller and fewer touch points on every page, and the wipe-clean pages are tear-resistant. It's also fun, with friendly characters, playful music and sounds, charming stories, and lots of activities! Comes with a Baby Animals book, featuring music on every page, with over 35 learning activities and hundreds of songs. It teaches pre-reading, object identification, vocabulary, colors, animal names and sounds, and much more. 3 ways to play: Story Hear the book read aloud. Explore Touch objects to hear their names and fun sounds! Surprise Music, games, and lots to learn!

Power TouchBaby Blue/White Console
3 Interactive Books + Cartridges:
-Baby Animals
-Bear's Colourful World
-Little People Farm
Explore & Learn Driver + Cartridge
Pre-loved in very good condition

Monday, June 14, 2010

Citric Acid Descaler - 10 Sachets

Descale every 2-4 weeks to ensure unit continues to work 100% effectively.
Mix sachet with 200ml/7floz of water and pour into unit.
Steriliser: Switch on for 1-2 minutes. Do not put lid on.
Bottle Warmers: Heat on highest setting for 10 minutes. Switch off at mains.
Leave to stand for 30 minutes. Drain and rinse unit. After descaling, run a full cycle with lid on, but the unit empty using the correct amount of water.
Warning: Avoid contact with eyes. Causes irritation.

Brand new in pack

Fisher Price Little People Busy Day Home

So much to do and so many sounds to hear in the Busy Day Home! Brrring -- Mom's in the kitchen talking on the phone. Ding-dong -- Dad's about to answer the front door. And baby's outside playing with doggie and kitty. Kids make all the action happen, with a fridge door that opens and closes, a potty that flushes and lots more. Includes three cute, chunky figures (mom, dad and baby), bed, table and two chairs.

Brand new in box

Friday, June 11, 2010

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning Keys

Open up a world of learning fun, with a set of keys that bring favourite songs and colours to life. The orange key has a blue car that spins and clicks, with textured rollers for added fun. The green key has sliding beads and a yellow house with spinning door. And the blue key has rattling beads and a red boat that slides along on the waves. Sing-along songs relate to all three. Clip keys anywhere and take learning fun along!

Pre-loved in good condition
**Yellowish on the smiley base

Fisher Price Baby Playzone Touch & Crawl Friend

This playful friend invites baby to crawl along, with fun rewards for trying! It rolls away at baby's touch, wobbling away with high-energy music, spinning lights and wacky sounds. Four colourful balls bounce along, and the silly nose lights up, too!

Pre-loved in very good condition

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fisher Price Rainforest Waterfall Peek-a-Boo Soother

This soother lets you bring the peaceful serenity of a rainforest right to baby’s crib! A glowing waterfall has mesmerizing motion to help lull baby to sleep. The waterfall cascades gently into a pool where there’s a playful, bobbling fish—and plenty of bubbles for baby to enjoy! A friendly monkey and frog play peek-a-boo in the leaves, ready to keep baby company. You can choose up to 18 minutes of classical music, lullabies, or rainforest sounds for baby, with or without the soother’s softly coloured lights that pulse gently on and off.

Pre-loved in very good condition
**Chipped yellow paint on the toucan's wing

Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo

A place full of wonderful sights & sounds...the Rainforest Jumperoo brings it all down to size for little explorers! Still tons of safe jumping fun (which will activate Rainforest music & lights!), but now there are toys all around-and overhead--with a spinning seat that helps baby explore them all. A bobbing elephant, swinging monkey, spinning lizard and more that baby will just "go wild" for! Baby spins drum to activate lights & music (Mom can activate for 4 minutes of continuous play). Soft spring covers keep little fingers safe and 3-position height adjustment ensures a custom fit for your child.

Pre-loved in very good condition
**With original box and manual
**Torn at bottom seat but does not affect its safeness

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vtech Winnie The Pooh Play 'n Learn Table

Oh bother! Busy babies will love the bustling fun waiting for them on the Winnie the Pooh Play 'n Learn Table. There is a spinning honeybee, bouncing Tigger, sliding Eeyore, a jolly movable Pooh and five light-up buttons. Play and interact with Pooh and friends as they teach letters, objects, shapes, colours, numbers and early time concepts with fun phrases, music and entertaining flashing lights. Lots of different manipulative features teach a variety of skills. Legs remove for floor play fun or easy storage! Features Winnie the Pooh’s real voice.

Pre-loved in very good condition
**Some scratch marks on mirror

Vtech V.Smile Baby Infant Development System

Bring a smile onto your little one’s face and connect her to a world of interactive learning toy games! The V.Smile Baby Infant Development System goes beyond passive developmental videos with a breakthrough, interactive approach to learning. With the V.Smile Baby Infant Development System, you'll receive a colourful panel that fits comfortably in your child’s lap and connects wirelessly to a receiver that hooks right into your TV! The signal works from nine feet away no matter how high or low your baby is seated. Plus, you can choose from three grow-with-me play modes. Select the Play Time mode on the panel and watch your baby play with games and use colourful, easy-to-press buttons to hear fun, educational phrases. Select the Watch & Learn mode and your baby can watch educational animations complete with baby sign language. Finally, as your baby grows, select the Learn & Explore mode where she can actually direct the games on the learning toy screen by choosing the subjects she wants to explore.

The V.Smile Baby Infant Development System works with Baby Smartridge games, which slide easily into the receiver. Each Baby Smartridge features learning games with five different baby signs, and teach important skills like colours, numbers, sounds, animals, music and shapes. V.Smile Baby Infant Development System even doubles as a car toy. Take the colourful learning toy panel on the road for games on the go!

Pre-loved in excellent condition
**With original box and manuals

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fisher Price Peek-a-Blocks Gobble & Go Hippo

Your baby will have hours of fun gobbling up Fisher-Price Peek-a-Blocks with this adorable hippo walker that converts to a ride-on as baby grows. Pull the yellow seat up to form a push bar, and then press it back down to let the riding fun begin. Push the hippo friend along, and he'll "gobble" the blocks from the floor. There are five included Peek-a-Blocks that will keep little hands and minds occupied with bright discoveries inside the blocks.

Pre-loved in very good condition

Friday, June 4, 2010

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn 2-in-1 Learning Kitchen

Even the tiniest chefs will have a sizzling time in the Laugh & Learn: 2-in-1 Learning Kitchen, a combination kitchen and family room that encourages learning through lights, music and fun phrases. Babies will have ounces, cups and pounds of fun with a refrigerator door that opens and closes, lights that turn on and off, shape sorting, a ball drop down, and more! This two-sided role play toy features 3 modes of play: Learning Mode teaches early academics through activities, Music Mode plays music with the same activities that encourage baby to play along, and Imagination Mode teaches baby experiential learning through fun role play and realistic sound effects. It comes complete with 3 shaped pieces for shape sorting, 2 balls for the ball drop, and a pot and spoon.

Pre-loved in very good condition
**Missing spoon, square shape and 2 balls

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vtech Sort and Soar Rocket

Insert the 5 colourful pieces and learn with this unique shape sorter rocket! Enjoy fun surprises and with the blast-off feature see the rocket drop the pieces out and start playing again! Teaches colours, shapes, counting and plays music, fun sounds and silly phrases.

Pre-loved in excellent condition

Vtech Thomas & Friends Learn & Explore Laptop

Steam ahead to early learning and computer skills with Thomas & Friends! This cool Learn & Explore Laptop features a built-in mouse with 'click-tick' action that is easy for children to use and won't get lost! The LCD screen shows activities along with fun animations and listen to music and hear sound effects! The alphabetical and numerical keyboard introduces the alphabet order and number sequences! There's also a carry handle for portable play and learning! Thomas & Friends - Learn & Explore Laptop is a wonderful way to teach basic English, Maths, Time Concepts and more! A great learning aid for boys!

Pre-loved in excellent condition

Vtech Explore & Learn Mat

It's never too soon to start learning! So give your baby a head start with the Explore & Learn Mat. This captivating mat will challenge even the youngest minds with friendly animal pictures that engage babies in play. Built with a motion sensor, the Explore & Learn Mat’s learning panel lights up when you lie your baby down. Your baby will love the bright, light-up piano keys, cute nature characters and zany insect sounds. Mom will appreciate the big, colourful, machine-washable mat. The Explore & Learn Mat encourages many types of learning including numbers, letters, insects, colors and shapes.

Pre-loved in excellent condition