Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Avent Naturally ISIS Breast Pump

Only ISIS is clinically proven to be as effective as electric pumps
ISIS features a Let-down Massage Cushion for a fast, natural let-down
ISIS combines massage with a gentle vacuum, while all other pumps rely solely on suction
ISIS redefines manual pumping by needing only occasional compressions on the handle after achieving let-down

With the help of the ISIS Breast Pump you can express your milk quickly and comfortably into AVENT Feeding Bottles or VIA pre-sterilised Cups for storage in the fridge or freezer. That way, someone else can give the occasional feed, and if you go back to work, your baby can still benefit from your breast milk.

The ISIS Breast Pump has been universally acclaimed by women and health professionals for the revolutionary natural design, which makes it gentler and more effective than any other pump available.

Combining breast and bottle feeding is easy with AVENT because babies use the same suckling technique when feeding from the AVENT bottle as they do when feeding at the breast.

Pre-loved in very good condition
- 2pcs Funnel cover/Bottle stand
- 1pc Let-down massage cushion
- 1pc Pump cover
- 1pc Silicon diaphragm and stem
- 1pc Handle
- 1pc Pump body and funnel
- 1pc White valve
- 2pcs Travel cover
**Without 125ml/4oz Bottle
2pcs Brand new in pack Ultra Nursing Pad
1pc Brand new Silicon diaphragm and stem
2pcs White valves