Friday, November 26, 2010

Vtech V.Smile Smartridges

Barney: The Land of Make Believe
Head off with Barney and his friends on an enchanted faraway journey. Meet a beautiful Princess who is very lonely. Barney, Baby Bop and others befriend the Princess while discovering fun adventures in a magical forest and castle.

Finding Nemo: Nemo's Ocean Discoveries
It’s time for Nemo to set out on another exciting ocean adventure, and you can come along! Kids will use their shape, color, logic and comparison skills to help Nemo make his way through a world of ocean wonders. Along the way, they will also learn exciting new facts about ocean life, in a fun and engaging way.

Spider-Man & Friends: Secret Missions
Join Spider-Man, Spider-Girl and Wolverine on their secret crime-stopping missions! As kids help Spider-Man and his friends, they engage in exciting games and activities that teach key school skills like spelling, counting, problem solving and more.

Cars: Rev It Up In Radiator Springs
McQueen is stranded in town on his way to the big race. When everything is damaged by a gang of tractors, he wants to help his new friends put the town back together. Help McQueen re-build the town while learning lots of new skills, including math, shapes and logic.

Bob The Builder: Bob's Busy Day
Bob the Builder is always willing to lend a hand in town. Today Bob is having a very busy day and needs help completing his tasks. Help him by using your brain-building skills such as problem-solving and logic, and then you'll see why Bob's assistance is always in such great demand.

Alphabet Park Adventure
All of the machines at Alphabet Park have gone haywire! Help Grandpa to fix them by battling through each themed environment, tackling the obstacles and solving the problems along the way to find the control room. Curriculum focuses on letter recognition and letter order, phonics, spelling, colours and shapes.

Pre-loved in very good condition