Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Vtech V.Smile Smartridges

Cars: Rev It Up In Radiator Springs
McQueen is stranded in town on his way to the big race. When everything is damaged by a gang of tractors, he wants to help his new friends put the town back together. Help McQueen re-build the town while learning lots of new skills, including math, shapes and logic.

Dora The Explorer: Dora's Fix-It Adventure
Let's help Dora and Boots find the missing parts of the Air-Car-Boat-Mobile for Tico before Swiper the Fox gets them first. To find the parts and fix the mobile, kids will use number patterns, match shapes, identify colours, use logic skills, and match animal tracks. Along the way, they can get items to solve problems from Dora's backpack.

Ratatouille: Remy's New Recipes
Don't rat them out! Help Remy and Linguine create a new dish with a surprise secret ingredient. Travel the streets of Paris with Remy to root out just the right fixings and heaps of learning. Be the big cheese and lend Remy a hand when he discovers an unexpected mousetrap which will lead your gourmet rat pack underground. Chock-full of learning, the Ratatouille V.Smile Smartridge teaches food categories and recognition, counting, number order, colours, puzzles, map reading, cooking methods, motor/drawing skills, directions and logical thinking and patterns.

Pre-loved in very good condition