Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fisher Price Little People Discovering Sonya Lee & DVD

Send your child on four captivating clay animation adventures to discover the Little People friend who truly loves animals! Sonya Lee and her Little People companions will teach kids about love, sharing, helping others and most importantly... friendship.
"Sonya Lee's Day at the Zoo" Compassionate Sonya Lee has a special way with animals. Everyone's in for an unexpected treat when she goes to the zoo and the animals come out for a visit!
"Happy Birthday to Zoo" When Sonya Lee, her Little People friends and the animals try to surprise the zookeeper for his birthday, they make a delicious discovery: the best presents of all are the ones made with love.
"Sonya Lee and the Super Sundae" Sonya Lee and the Little People characters discover the sweet rewards of helping friends, as they set out to build a sandbox and end up building the world's biggest (and most delicious) sundae!
"Sonya Lee Makes New Friends" Sonya Lee's love for animals takes the friends on a wintry adventure. They discover that doing a special good deed makes for a time of sharing. Along the way, the good friends also discover something "really nice!"

  • A charming, huggable, go-anywhere doll
  • DVD filled with 4 animated stories
  • Includes pet kitty and comb for Sonya Lee’s hair
Brand new in box