Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Early Learning Centre Blossom Farm Sit Me Up Cosy

The Blossom Farm Sit Me Up Cosy is a innovative nest that grows up with your baby

  • Padded flower playmat gives your young baby a soft surface for early play
  • Nest supports and protects your baby as they start to sit
  • The two halves then make a sofa-style prop to support your child as they learn to sit up
  • This toy encourages your baby or child to look, listen and touch.
  • This toy helps your child use their hands effectively and develop good reflexes
  • Suitable for ages: Birth - 12mths
  • Do not let your baby or child sleep in this product
  • H35.5 cm x W81cm x 89 cm
Brand new in box
**Free air pump