Monday, June 27, 2011

Take Along Thomas & Friends Engines and Vehicles

Pocket-sized, die-cast Thomas & Friends engines. Features Smart Magnets that connect either way and an exclusive collector's card.

Take Along Thomas
A cheeky, fussy little engine, often getting into scrapes, usually by being over-eager to do things best left to bigger and more sensible engines.

Take Along Thomas Percy
A junior member of the principal team of engines. This little chap is normally quite happy puffing around the yard. He’s always keen to oblige, a fact of which the other engines are apt to take advantage.

Take Along Thomas Rosie
Rosie is a feisty, fun and very free spirited tomboy tank engine who idolizes Thomas, copying his every action and mood. This drives Thomas crazy, as he just wants to be left alone to be Really Useful. But why, thinks Rosie, can't they be Really Useful together?

Take Along Thomas Lady
Lady is a very special engine who holds the secret to the Magic Railroad. With her use of the magic gold dust, she was able to travel to the Island of Sodor and help Thomas defeat Diesel 10.

Take Along Thomas Mike
Mike is a strong red engine who prefers goods trains to passengers. His temper matches his paint, and he can often be hot-headed. He is proud of his whistle, which he once lost trying to shoo a cow.

Take Along Thomas Lorry
Lorry loves to drive around, carting products.

Material: Metal cast
Packing: OPP plastic bag
** Mike and Lorry come with cargo cars

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