Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fisher Price Little People Collectible Dolls

Sarah Lynn
This talented little girl loves to sing and dance, putting on plays and concerts for her twin brother Eddie and all of her Little People friends. She loves to be in the spotlight!

He's a curious, fun-loving kid, with a twin sister, Sarah Lynn. He's always looking for an adventure, especially when his pet frog Freddy.

Sonya Lee
This sweet little girl loves to take care of others, especially animals! Big or small, boy or girl, she cares for them all the same.

This smart little girl loves to learn about anything and everything. Her great ideas come in handy when anyone needs help, especially her Little People friends!

Jump into a world of imagination with Michael. This creative little boy loves to draw and paint, creating a world of pretend where all his Little People friends can have fun!

They are everything your little one wants in friend-a smiling faces, perfectly huggable size and ready to go anywhere your little one wants to go (especially in take-along bag)! They even come with their own collectible cards to keep, share or display.

Brand new in take-along bag