Friday, February 18, 2011

Vtech V.Smile Smartridges

Bob The Builder: Bob's Busy Day
Bob the Builder is always willing to lend a hand in town. Today Bob is having a very busy day and needs help completing his tasks. Help him by using your brain-building skills such as problem-solving and logic, and then you'll see why Bob's assistance is always in such great demand.

Cinderella: Cinderella's Magic Wishes
Enter Cinderella’s magical world and help make all of her dreams come true! As kids go on enchanting adventures with Cinderella and her friends, they engage in challenging games and activities that teach key school skills like patterns, spelling, classification and more. Eight clever learning adventures take Cinderella through her household duties before her magical transformation, her preparation for the ball and her first dance with the Prince!

Ratatouille: Remy's New Recipes
Don't rat them out! Help Remy and Linguine create a new dish with a surprise secret ingredient. Travel the streets of Paris with Remy to root out just the right fixings and heaps of learning. Be the big cheese and lend Remy a hand when he discovers an unexpected mousetrap which will lead your gourmet rat pack underground. Chock-full of learning, the Ratatouille V.Smile Smartridge teaches food categories and recognition, counting, number order, colours, puzzles, map reading, cooking methods, motor/drawing skills, directions and logical thinking and patterns.

Pre-loved in very good condition