Thursday, February 24, 2011

Remarkables Toy Story 3 Colouring Book & Activity Mat

Colour, doodle, stamp and draw, wipe it clean then draw some more! Have lots of fun making colourful drawings, doodles or stories on the large Toy Story activity mat, you can even use your own water-based pens to add more colour and detail or you can have lots of colouring fun with the 6 page Toy Story book which has a simple story and is perfect for drawing and colouring on the go. Once your done simply wipe the mat or book with a damp sponge or run it under the tap to wash away the drawing, then you can begin again.

1 Remarkables Mat measuring over 70cm x 70cm
1 Remarkables Book
4 chunky washable marker pens
3 Fine tip pens

Brand new in box