Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fisher Price Little People Discovering Eddie & DVD

Send your child on four captivating clay animation adventures to discover the most adventurous of the Little People friends! Join Eddie and his Little People friends as they learn about recycling, helping others and most importantly...friendship!
"Eddie Saves the Circus" There's trouble on the tracks 'til fun-loving Eddie gets an idea from his pet frog. His daring plan will make your child glad to see that the show must go on!
"Faster than a Speeding Frog" A game of leapfrog gets Eddie caught on a cloud! But nobody thinks faster than Eddie's little green pal, Freddie, when figuring out a way to get Eddie back down again. Eddie discovers that when it comes to friendship, the sky's the limit !
"Eddie's Big Race" On the day of the Big Race, Eddie zooms out in front of the rest of the cars only to discover that Freddie, his pet frog, is missing! In the search for his little green friend, Eddie also discovers that what really makes him a winner is his friends.
"That Junk's Not Trash" Eddie discovers how Recycler Rick can magically turn trash into treasure when he joins him on his recycling route. Recycle, reuse, renew, that what all the Little People friends learn to do!

  • A charming, huggable, go-anywhere doll
  • DVD filled with 4 animated stories
  • Includes pet frog Freddie and comb for Eddie’s hair
Brand new in box